Healing with Udita


Hi , my name is Udita and I am an experienced Shamanic Healer after having spent many years of training with a Tree Shaman in the Amazon rainforest in northern Peru . 

Tree shamans are among the most powerful healers in Peru. I have gained my healing and spiritual knowledge from a renowned Curandero in the Peruvian Amazon and from having undergone a profound dieta of several years in the jungle . 

During this dieta of 3 1/2 years I lived alone in the jungle where in isolation I dieted different very strong plants and trees in line with this ancient tradition of curanderismo in the Peruvian Amazon. 

During the course of this long rigorous profound dieta I had the privilege to establish my own deep spiritual alliance with the extraordinary unique spirits of these plants and trees and also with the powerful protective spirit of the tobacco plant, known in the Amazon as Mapacho. These are my Spirit guides who are in themselves ancient teachers , doctors, masters and healers with their own celestial Divine connection. 

With the wisdom and the Spirits of the jungle I am here to help you with your energy and emotional body, helping/healing with any emotional problems, trauma, where things are simply not flowing in your life, clearing blockages that you may not even know are there, by bringing the emotional energetic spiritual bodies into balance and by connecting with Spirit and with your Guides. 

Helping you to come into your True Power and All you Truly are , feel energised, deepen your intuition and connect further with your own Guides and your True Divine Self.

Thus helping you to move forward on your journey with more happiness, peace and fulfilment in your life.

Udita´s work is especially characterised by the sincere attention and the loving treatment to each individual person. She has Indian roots, was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Africa and England. As a child Udita meditated for hours and connected with the Spirit World. Early on she felt the call to Healing Work to be able to help others. Her own personal journey of suffering has helped her create a depth in her work with helping people discover themselves.


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Shamanism in the Amazon Jungle with Udita